Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Session XXIV: Carnage!

Continuing with the player's session recaps.
DM's session report here...

From the chronicles of Wolfheir the Barbarian

The trail of blood was still evident from the Jackals the party killed earlier.

As we went through the tunnels there were many passages.

Lots of water under here. I wonder how far this place really goes.

Could we find the ruins of some ancient civilization.

What is that noise?! It sounds familiar and I have smelled this before...

G H O U L S! Dammit. These foul creatures are more trouble than they are worth!

The Mithra Cleric tries to turn this first group. He fails but Televon succeeds!


One still stands near. We attack and the Dwarf gets clawed by the ghoul. She is down for a bit.

We finish the bastard off.

The group decides to chase the pack....I howl at the chance for more combat.

I think it was a bad idea as now it seems more Ghouls are following us from the other direction.

Again the clerics use their turn spell and this time Nadrak succeeds.

The battle rages one. One ghoul gets me. I freeze with terror. This feeling is not something I am use too.

The party kills the rest of this pack of Ghouls and I can move again.

We turn to follow the original pack of Ghouls we were chasing.

There are chirping and gnawing sounds. Battle or I am a shemite.

We go cautiously and quietly. As we peer out the end of the tunnel.

Tibag veers out to look.

It is madness. These ghouls are being swarmed by what we have dubbed Crotch Goblins.

More than Tibag can count. He ducks back in tells us it is a formidible amount.

We decide we might be able to draw them in this tunnel and dispatch.

The party prepares and the druid heals up who he can while we lay an oil trap down to light with a torch to burn the first wave.

The Dwarf blows her whistle and that attracts the HORDE!

The tunnel is small so I take front with Gnarly the druid behind and Tibag. The next 3 are Televon, Maudlin and Nadrak with Skwanky who just keeps eating..

I can take 3 of these creatures at a time but the waves become fierce.

Some get through. The party fights some off.

More get through. I have some on me. Little bastards.

The dwarf is being mauled! She loses an arm!

We make a quick contingency decision. Fall back to the larger room and draw them through this tunnel.

I drop another oil bomb and Gnarly lights it up. As we run we kill the few in the way.

As we get to the larger room the clerics and druid heal us up. Maudelin is lucky as they we able to re-attach her arm and heal her. Her left arm will be useless for at least a day though. We use the last of our oil for one final firetrap.

The goblins come through. We light the flame and tens of them catch on fire.

I take the front with Televon and Skwanky flanking. Behind us is Tibag,Gnarly,Nadrak and Maudeline.

Come you little bastards! Meet your maker!

They pour in and I start cutting into them with my axe! Televon smashes a few with his mace. Gnarly spears one right before my eyes! Tibag's Arrows pierce one in the sternum! Maudelin launches stones from her sling. Skwanky's tooth mace is leaving imprints on smashed goblin skulls. Nadrak holds his own as well!

Wave after wave and we finally see the end. A few left that we dispatch.

The floors are covered in blood and icker. The smell is terrible. I long for the outside.

My chest is a blast furnace and my heart burns. This battle was fierce. Some ale and mead are in order.

We are all still here though and that is what counts. None of my companions shall fall if I have any say in the matter....

This is an excerpt from the Dream Diary of Televon Van Der Beek.

Dear Morpheus,

These are but a few recollections from the latest dream you have sent to me. A grand vision of terror and bravery that you unfolded before me in your blessed walking slumber. I twas a sublime story you wrought for me my Lord and I am shamed at repeating it back to you, in that I can only recall insignificantly the perfect detail and clarity of what you created.

The intrepid band I have traveled with since a league outside the stark city gates of Blackmoore delved within the Tower of Zenepus once more! What a terrific place rife with danger and treasure, a perfect mix my Lord Morpheus, of putrid nightmare and extravagant fantasy! You have outdone yourself here in this dream construct.

Within the depths we followed the trail of blood left by your imaginative craft, the things called crotch goblins, after dragging off some would be grave robber (as a side note, our band succeeded where the unknown rake failed and the treasure now lies with us, my many thanks on that good twist of the Ether!). We followed the trail and felled many of these goblins of the crotch, most horrifically did the rogue Tie Baug castrate via the mouth one of these goblins that I was more sure than ever that I was aslumber and within your realm.

From there we continued on in the maze of tunnels, twisting and turning and climbing up and down deep within the earths cold grasp until finally we came upon a room most filled with your breath my Lord Morpheus! Deep green ether! Wisps of the Everstuff of dreams! Surely a good portent!

No sooner had I thought it and Tie Baug was lowering himself into a great hole in the center of the caverns of mists. No sooner had we thought that a great treasure was ours for the taking, that a grisly troupe of walking cadavers beset us from the south! Tie Baug would have to climb his way out of the hole for now was the time for the faithful to show these abominations the truth of their existence! Televon the dutiful walker in dreams, faithful carrier of the word of the Lord of Dreams, Morpheus, is called to sacred arms! I strode confidently forward Brandishing your Holy Eye, Lord Morpheus! and the foul creatures did know then, who their true master was! Such shame they felt at having lost the gift of dreams, that they ran from your Hallowed Eye! All, save for one!

The corpse clawed the face of the quiet dwarf, whom Im told is very different than the great dwarf Gedleesmote that gallantly gave his life to save his companions from a fiendish lava spewing golem. Everywhere I turn I seem to hear tale of this amazing dwarf Gedleesmote Hammersend, I only wish I could have met him, but oh well such are dreams. I am looking forward to seeing if Maudlin the dwarf can fill his shoes, and perhaps she is, as she was paralyzed by the foul beasts wicked claws, much in the same way, I hear tell, that the brave Dwarf Gedleesmote Hammersend was in one of his first ventures into the Tower of Zenepus. It was little concern for us though as we surround the ghoul and Wolfhier smote it low! Maudlin quickly composed herself and we ventured on!

Quickly we moved to chase down the ghouls that had fled your Sacred Eye, Lord Morpheus! Soon we found ourselves surrounded my more ghouls and once again I strode forward to reveal the truth of their heresy but it was for not for the Lord of Dreams was himself slumbering, and the day belonged to the weakling follower of Mithra, so misguided.

We roused, this time the barbarian, who had succumb to the ravages of the ghouls, and followed their rotten band. We pursued them until a large cavern ahead filled with the cacophony of a pitched battle, fought between the ghouls we sought and a legion of crotch goblins! We thought it best to let them wage death upon on another before we made our move. While our tactics were sound we quickly found ourselves overrun!

We enacted our secondary plan and began to withdraw after Maudlin the dwarf was dismembered right before my eyes! What a grand vision Lord Morpheus! I shall not soon forget the sight and shall cherish it always as one of most vivid dreams! The grand Druid Gnarly and I drug the body and he laid his staff low and healed her body as I held the pieces together. She'll bear a shield of the High Lords of the Mountains once again but not this day, there is still much healing to do.

Falling back to the end of the tunnel, we surrounded the entrance to the cavern and waited for the onrush of diminutive devils. We lit oil and stood shoulder to shoulder, an immovable bulwark of flashing steel and flesh. Finally the Halfling Skwanky roused himself from his marathon rabbit and cabbage feast and stood with us, surely a windmill of howling death did he become! The steel cage of the felled unbeliever I now wear kept me from harm as did your ever present hooded gaze, Lord Morpheus! Between us all; Tie Baug, Gnarly, Maudlin, Wolfhier, Skwanky, Prophia, Nadrak and myslef we felled 60 or more of the wee nightmares!

Triumphant we stand at this dark precipice. Death and Doom to one side, Fame and Fortune on the other, and we, my Lord Morpheus, stand ever in the middle. All praise the Lord of Dreams!

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