Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Session XXIII: The Bitter Taste Of Victory

From the Chronicles of Wolfheir the Barbarian

I find I am lost.

I have joined up with a group in my quest to be a better warrior.

Many nights I entertain the idea of running away again. Finding another way to the truth.

I do miss Gedlee. He always annoyed me but I think it was only because he was of similar spirit. His quest was pure materialistic though. I care not for treasures of this world. Odin will take care of me when I pass if I prove myself.

I spent the last few days practicing my techniques alone near the Temple of Mithra. Got some strange looks but what do I worry about these silly Clerics.

Turns out we are going back to the Tower of Zenopus.

It is a foul old place filled with death. Lots of creatures to slay there. Will I find a battle worthy?

I hope so!

Tis the night of the Black Sabbath.

All of these weaklings here in Caladan are fearing the worst.

I am use to superstitious folks but here they are really concerned.

The group has decided that it is best to return to the Tower of Zenopus.
I concur! What better time. Let's fight the beast on its strongest day and survive to tell the tale or die with honor in glorious combat.

Now if only Swanky would stop eating we could get a move on. He is gonna need some armor after that last encounter...

We picked up another Cleric recently..he is how can I say this...strange.
I find him very irritating. He talks of dreams and some god named Morphius ? Even the Clerics at the Temple of Mithra think he is a strange one.

As long as he stays out of my way then I can tolerate his antics.
I think Tibag is annoyed by him as well.

That damn wizard has disappeared on us again? I think he has a secret that he does not want us to know yet...or ever.

I will finish this mead and we can get on with slaying whatever lies in the Tower!

The Tower of Zenopus awaits.

It is snowing here much like my homeland.

I see some of the others trying to not let it get to them.

I am sure they will be fine. We have a pretty tough group here.

Death has come calling a few times....though it did claim our eclectic Dwarf companion.

Tonight we come to slay the Vampiress that lives here.

I made sure when we were getting the Halfling some armor that I made some wooden stakes.

We can't even see anything but snow around us.

The Tower lay before us.

I lead the way inside with torch in hand.

What will we find tonight?

From the journal of Tibag the Robber
- Night of the Black Sabbath

3pm - got a shopkeeper to open up, gold always wins. Got the little guy some armor. Had to let it out quite a bit - apparently he ate everything at the Cloven Hoof, including the Hooves. Paid the armorer an extra gold piece to hook a tiny bell to the back. Told little guy the sound was a fairy. Not sure if he's figured it out yet.

5pm - Waited for the magician, planning to follow him to his party, scout out these white wizards. Never showed. Went without us? Got captured by the white wizards? Too hard to follow them anyway, white robes in all this damned snow. Probably too hard to sneak, as well. Cold - missed my tree in Sackwood for the first time on trip.

7pm - Back to full fighting force (mostly), no party to crash, so we headed back to the tower of Zenopus. Wanted to see what's in the sarcophagus. Probably not the Vampire since it seems to be an older digging, but we took plenty of garlic and stakes and holy water anyway. Never hurts. Also took the hired girl and the other priest - again, never hurts.

7:30pm - On the way to the tower, we debated the merit of assaulting ancient evil on the night of the black sabbath. Agreed that it would be the most interesting time to do it.

8:30pm - New priest hitting on the hired girl, offering dream interpretations. She seems interested. New dwarf rolled her eyes and said something about dreaming she entered a dungeon without armor.

9pm - Made our way back to the tomb, someone stole the black flame jackals. Damned crotch-goblins. Wanted to make a flame-jackal jacket.

9:05pm - The hired girl and the little guy tried to take the lid off...Big Hair had to give the little guy a boost. Pretty funny-

9:06pm - Biggest Skeleton I Ever Saw

9:10pm - Destroyed the 8-foot skeleton. We managed to (mostly) dodge his huge sword and bash it to pieces. Not Zenopus, but could have been ugly. Found a shiny silver spear and some huge dagger. Might use his armor for a sled.

9:30pm - Yuck - attacked by some kind of snot golem as we finished searching the room. Covered my face with his slime. It was a little frightening, but also strangely invigorating. My skin is tingling. Swords cut right through it, but it burned nicely. Little guy was up in some hole in the wall, said it connected back to the filthy rat tunnels. Suppose we should clear those out sometime (rat god? King rat?) but we decided tonight wasn't the night.

10pm - Continued our pattern of seeking out the worst thing in the area: followed the bloody trail down the passage to what must be the crotch goblin warrens. Began exterminating the last few crotch goblins.

10:15pm - "Last few" crotch goblins called their friends. These things must do nothing but breed. Thankfully we kill them faster than they can reproduce...just barely, though. It's fun to watch hair guy and little guy kill three of them with one sweep. Nature guy skewered a couple at once. Twenty or thirty crotch goblins down. I worry sometimes that I'm enjoying this too much.

10:16pm - Not worried any more. Crotch goblin jumped on my face and started tearing at my head with his claws. I bit his junk off. Nobody teabags Tibag. Did NOT enjoy that. Crotch goblin blood tastes like evil and decay. Hope someone has some mead.

10:30pm - Other crotch goblins stunned, easy to dispatch. Victory! Still feel kind of sick. We decide to take a break.
This session is brought to you my Milkman-x (Wolfheir) and Brian (Tibag).

The session recaps may be changing a bit to allow the players to provide a POV of their character's experiences. I think it may be a bit more interesting than my usual rambled collection of the sessions events. Hopefully their recollections will overlap to give you all a larger picture of the session's happenings. If this continues, I'll let the players tell the story while I'll post additional session mechanics and highlights that have more to do with the playing of the game.

Wolfheir's chronicles can be found here.

Here's hoping my players keep this up!

Oh, and just for fun....


  1. I still love the Tibag's journal reads like Rorschach's diary from Watchmen..

  2. Yeah, the streets and dungeons are hardening him somewhat. He has definitely discovered a taste (figurative, not literal) for blood as well. My personal failing to some degree, I always seem to fall back to wholesale slaughter. :)