Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Fantasy Pop: The Wizard

Continuing our explorations of pop fantasy music's dabbling into fantasy, Sci-Fi and worlds beyond. The good, the bad and the WTF is all represented.

Today the spell is cast by Tony Iommi, Geezer Buter, Ozzy Osbourn and Bill Ward playing together in The Black Sabbath performing The Wizard!
Again, visuals provided by your own imagination...


  1. T.Rex also has a really weird and epic song called "The Wizard". I love wizard songs.

  2. I'll be digging into some of the more obscure music too (there's a lot of 'Wizard' songs). Thanks for pointing me in the direction of T-Rex. Marc Bolan did slip my mind!

  3. "The Wizard" is cool. I've I always wondered if it was perhaps about a drug dealer, but my preferred interpretation is that its about a drug dealing wizard.