Monday, October 4, 2010

New Race: Beast-man


Beast-men are brutish, somewhat harry primitive humanoids who like to collect shiny objects and enjoy bashing things.

Prime Attribute: Strength 13+ (5%xp)
Hit Dice: 1d8
Armor/Shield Permitted: Leather only, no shields
Weapon of choice: Bludgeoning
XP progression chart: As Fighting Man
Combat Chart: As Fighting Man

Attribute adjustments:

+2 STR
+1 Con
-2 CHA
-2 INT

Class Abilities
Beast-men can only be fighters and only wear leather armor. Bludgeoning weapons are their weapons of choice (such as clubs, hammers, tables and chairs) but they can use bladed weapons but as a -1 to hit. They can also use a sling as a ranged weapon or throw heavy rocks.

They have a type of darkvision and can see 20' in complete darkness.

When grappling an opponent, the Beast-man can put the squeeze on him for 2-8 points of damage. They are suspicious of magic but gain a +2 to save against poison.

They can also climb sheer surfaces like a thief of the same level.


  1. This is cool!

    I've also been running a homebrew beast-mannish class where leveling makes the player roll on a table to permanently gain animal traits. Traits can include normal druid stuff like Talk To Animals, but also other stuff like Aversion to Clothing, Animal Odor, and Excessive Body Hair Growth. My wife plays a little womanimal character named Beena with a bird nest hairdo that hosts a little talking bird familiar.

  2. Cool, cyc, I love that concept of the animal traits. The bird-nest hairdo with the familiar is classic. Any chance of you posting that list?

  3. Yeah, I'm planning on posting it eventually. I need to type it up... Like a lot of homebrewy DMs I have a lot of "creative content" I need to type up at some point.