Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm Not A Witch...

For those of you not keeping up to date with the crazy-ass politics here in the US of A we've got one wacko named Christine O'Donnell who's strong stance on anti-masturbation and her lack of knowledge on separation of Church and State really makes her jump out in a general pack of wackos running for office. Anyways, she dabbled in 'witchcraft' back in her High School daze (maybe even listened to Black Sabbath! Oh no!) so she actually felt she had to put a TV add out denying that she's a witch to pander to these crazy fundamentalists here in the states (the American Taliban). WTF has America come to.

I'm not going to post her ad here 'cause I don't want to spoil the purity of the Warlock's Home Brew....on second thought, tying her witchy-ways with the Warlock's Home Brew might be just what the Witch-doctor ordered.

Everyone's been parodying C O'D's ads but you gotta give the award to good ol' Elvira. Praise the Goddess of darkness and schlocky horror!!

Thanks to Adventures in Nerdliness for this one!
(awesome site, check it out now...NOW!)

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  1. I should be working or doing my blog, which is 'late', and here I am hearing about some American #witch that's unknown to me [and our main news channels] and long may it remain so.

    Loved the spoof, and the variations; the best was some lady called Christine O'Donnell{?} hers deserves an oscar for true dripping smarm. I can still 'feel' the sticky slime gunk even after 10 minutes. Ar4gh#&*%^#*&!

  2. Be thankful that you are spared the pure absurdity of the American political process!

  3. I got to see the Eagles this summer and they just killed Witchy Woman. So awesome!