Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Session Report

So I'm splitting up the session recap and the session report. The session recap will either be player's recollections of the events that transpired or my rambling recount.

The Session Report, however, will be more of the mechanics of the game and discussion of any odd rule situations that came up during play and just general game table stuff.

It seems most likely that I'll post the session report prior to posting the session recap as these will be my initial impressions of the previous night.

So without further ado….

So our session last night was just after the RinCon 2010 weekend. Corey (Level 1 Gamer), Clay and I attend the Con so needless to say that some of us were a bit on the verge of being gamed out (Clay having gamed from 10am to 1am on Saturday!). Also, my Swords & Wizardry session that I planned on running at the Con was a bit of a bust seeing as only one person ended up signing up for the game.I did end up running a solo session and the player was quite the experienced old school roller, adding a lot of color to the solo session. As fun as that was it was still a bit of a disappointment not exposing the game to some new players.

Oh, well.

So last night we gathered for our usual bi-monthly dice rolling fun. We had two birthdays in our group this weekend so my wife, Christy (who seems to be getting more and more into the game) and I rolled out a little birthday celebration for Clay and Tim. Since the general sessions are usually more like a party anyway, we went with party hats and favors along with tasty cupcakes. Mike just happened to bring by some brownies as well. We were short a couple of players but that didn't stop a festive evening of gaming.

The session began with continued exploration of the natural tunnels beneath Zenopus' Tower. A lot of mapping and connecting of overlapping passages and tunnels (which slowed the pace of the game but made room for the usual table talk debauchery). Things picked up with a room of mysterious green mist and ended with a huge battle within the crotch-goblin's enclave. I mean, there were tons of these little buggers.

At first the players thought they had a pretty good strategy in dealing with the hoard but they soon found themselves over-run as the goblins climbed along the walls and ceilings and then dropping on the players.

These goblins dropped on my wife's character, Maudlin the dwarf, almost killing her and actually ripping her arm off (a couple of rolls on the new death chart)! Now this is my wife, mind you, who has just joined us for her third session, who is just beginning to get the concept of Role-playing, and who enthusiastically created the festive party atmosphere and here she is near death.

Not a good predicament for a DM gently getting his wife into playing a fantasy RPG!

So some quick thinking on the player's part to make a fighting retreat to a larger area (they were single file in a 3 foot wide passage) and a quick heal and reattachment of Maudlin's arm set things right.

Now some of you might think that a cure light wounds spell would really not help in this situation of a quite obvious serious wound. Well, I tend to agree with that. But in this situation, I think I made the right call considering the circumstances. I mean, ya gotta keep the wife in the game, right?

Besides, I won't let them off so easy. There are always…..complications, no?

Anyway, another good fun session and quite exciting at the end.

Tim, we tried to save you a cup-cake but, alas, they've all been gobbled up!