Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RinCon 2010 This Weekend In Tucson AZ

This weekend, Friday October 8th through Sunday October 10th is RinCon 10 here in Tucson Arizona. It's a big general gaming convention put together by SAGA (Southern Arizona Gaming Association). The event features many board-games and a number of modern RPGs are mostly featured. I'll be running a grand Swords & Wizardry game on Saturday afternoon so if you're heading down here you're more than welcome to attend.

One of the players in my campaign, Corey (Level 1 Gamer) will be running the 4th ed. Red Box Starter Game so if you're looking to check out what all the brew-ha-ha about 4th ed is all about, check out Corey's game. You can read about Corey's experience at last years event when Will Wheaton (who will be attending once again) ran a Dungeon Delve of Doom.

A number of my other players will be wandering around (roll for encounter 1 in 6 every half hour) playing many a game as well.

So if you're in the area, come check out RinCon 10!

RinCon 10: Arizona's Gaming Mecca

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