I created these ICONS character sheets and have gathered them together into one PDF file, 5 different sheets (one blank space to draw your own image from scratch for those so inclined).

Download ICONS Character Sheets

ICONS Villains

ICONS Heroes

Mystery Men!

I created these character sheets for the great fast-paced Supers game, Mystery Men! by John Stater.  In the space for the character illustration I added come figure outlines so you can draw your own hero with a nice foundation. One of the things that I always loved in the original Champions game were the character sheet hero figures to fill in. I also added a character sheet with a blank space so you can completely draw your own or paste an illustration from an online hero generator.

Click on the image to download the pdf file for each character sheet.

Hero 1

Hero 2 Female

Hero 3

Hero 4

Blank Hero