Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dungeon Art

This is a cover illustration that will be used for an adventure called Ruins of the White Watch written Ronald Redmond and soon to be available on Dragonsfoot as a free download.

I did the illustration while my wife Christy did the watercolor. We've been trying out some new techniques to add color to my illustrations. I'm still working out the kinks but I think this is a step in a good direction (I think the line-work came out a bit heavy).

I hope to do some more collaborations with my wife on these projects.


  1. That is awesome!! Nice job and extra props to Christy!

  2. Yeah, that's a wonderful piece!

  3. Thanks! I'll pass the kudos on to Christy as well, unless she's actually reading this....

  4. I think its great! Very atmospheric! I also admire you & your wife's ability to collaborate --- I've always found that very hard (not that I have tried that much).
    I hate to get all nuts-and-boltsy, but what is your process? Do you draw in pencil, then your wife does the color, then you come in later with the ink pen? Just curious.

  5. Yes, Stefan, that's exactly how we did this one. Christy painted over my pencils which was a bit tricky as I tend to pencil a bit loose. I then inked over the painting, a bit heavy, IMHO. I want to get a softer feel so I may ditch the inks altogether. It's still kind of an experiment.

  6. Thanks again, and I just did the minor tweaking, Andrew Hamilton did the writing. Great stuff, and great art!


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