Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ye Ol' Dice

Alas, my Holmes dice are long gone. In fact, I know exactly when they left - exactly 6 years ago last month. I sold them at a yard sale in a dice bag with a bunch of minis and the original TSR Dungeon! game before my wife and I moved to Tucson.

Thanks to Tim over at Gothridge Manor for his Dice Marathon!


  1. Yow, that is a sad story. The fact you know the exact date seems like its still getting you today. Thanks for joining the Show Me Your Dice Marathon.

  2. Why did you sell them? Why oh why oh why?

  3. You know, it was a big move and I was trying to lighten the load. I was going through one of those; 'I doubt I'd play this game again phase'.


  4. This is the point at which a random reader leaves a message and says, "You know, it's a funny thing. Six years ago last month I bought a bunch of minis and old dice in a dice bag at a yard sale with the original TSR Dungeon! game. If I remember correctly, the couple was moving to Tucson." It would be all after-school-special-ly and all; Dice would be reunited and all that.
    I wish I could be that person. Yours is a nice eclectic collection that would be enhanced by the old dice.