Monday, August 8, 2011

More Mystery Men!: Shore City

I've been going through the Superhero RPG Mystery Men! by John Stater and I've been really enjoying this set of rules for a Supers game. Though I have yet to take it out for an actual test-drive, the quick pace, familiar rules-lite system is much to my liking.

The one thing that has just blown me away is the inspired campaign setting that comes with the rules: Shore City. Stater has put together a really fantastic broad-stroke hero's setting that gives you just enough to spark your imagination but without getting bogged down in over-descriptive location and characters. An imaginary industrial city on the Great Lakes, Shore City is filled with all manner of colorful neighborhoods, characters and plot hooks that can keep a campaign going for ages. Rich industrialists, ambitious politicians, gangsters and clever scientists all help to bring this city to life in any style of campaign; whether it be for a gritty street-fighting hero or a powerful cosmic entity. Shore City can cover the gambit with room to spare.

Every good comic hero has as his backdrop a city that is as much a character as himself; Bat-man has Gotham City, Superman has Metropolis, Marvel Comics has all of New York City. The city itself should be a major character and in Shore City you get that.

Reading it I couldn't help but feel that I wanted to dive right in there and cause some havoc or chase some baddies down and there was plenty of room to add enough color of my own. That's a sign of a well written setting.

I've really enjoyed reading this rule set. It's well put together and written with passion of the genre. I'm hoping to get a game started this fall. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Totally agree. Mystery Men is good stuff

  2. You just stay away from my warehouses in Shore City, or I'll have to have my boys come down and have a little talk.

  3. Would this future game be over the internet, by any chance? The game sounds interesting and if the game was online, I would love to play.

  4. @Matt - yeah, it's a very well written game. Looking forward to getting into it.

    @Matthew - The Firefly isn't afraid of a couple of goons. I may have to stop by the warehouse district later tonight.

    @Human's folly - I actually have been thinking of running this game online this fall. No definite plans yet, but I'll be talking about it here on the blog.