Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Player Badges

Inspired by Stuart over at Strange Magic and his awesome DM badges and Zach from our gaming group I felt that the players needed merit badges too.

Hack and Slash! I like to kill things and take their stuff!

I'm only in it for the money! Gold! Gold! Gold!

I like to roll by character and crunch numbers. My character's mad skills are not mine but better! I've never met a skill roll I didn't like!

I like to role my character. I am my character!

I better end up a king in your campaign!

Keep me away from torches and barns.

My character's actions are not for kids under 17 or sensitive ears at the table. Yeah, I'm that guy.

I survived the Tomb of Horrors and all I got was this cursed merit badge!

I like to explore the underworld.

I like to explore the wilderness.

Wine, women and songs! Towns are for me!

I enjoy epic high fantasy!

I enjoy gritty pulp adventures!

UPDATE: Feel free to use how you wish!


  1. I find these especially fun.

    Pulp Adventure!

  2. Great-I'll do a player interview today and use these badges!

  3. P.S. - Do players have your permission to put them up on their blogs? (I'm asking, seriously, I think they're awesome). :)

  4. Use them and abuse them, my friend!