Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sir Brian of Gamealot

I'm lucky to be part of a pretty great group of gamers. Counting myself, there are nine of us that regularly participate in our bi-weekly gaming sessions. This summer we've branched out into Savage Worlds and had a number of board-game nights.

It's a creative and talented bunch that likes to kick back and have a good time killing things.

One of the members of our group, Brian, is especially skilled at tracking down games at the various local resale shops here in town. We're all in Tucson Arizona, mind you, a great little city but it's no metropolis like Chicago, LA or NYC. In those cities can be found just about anything you seek in the small privately owned independent used book stores and resale shops. But here in Tucson it's a bit trickier.

As small as Tucson is, I've had my luck at scoring some great classic gaming items for real cheap mostly through yard sales and antique sales; a box full of classic Grenadier minis, a bunch of classic TSR D&D modules for just a couple of dollars.

But the true king has to be Brian.

He has scored the most amazing classic gaming items by casually scouring the resale shops here in town - and consistently too! Just about every week he comes up with some amazing find at the most unbelievable prices. Some of the games he keeps to play with his two sons (growing gamers themselves!) or sells/trades on the interwebs. But he's shared quite a bit with us, his fellow gamers.

Last night he brought over a bunch of 'presents' to hand out including a bunch of old Star Fleet Battles stuff.

But the real prize....the most amazing score had to be this:

Yes, the original Traveller box set with a stack of supplements.

And do you know what he paid for this?

Come on, just guess......


Yup, just $5.00

Don't ever give up hope shopping around on a quest for those classic gaming items, 'cause they're out there.

So long live the king of amazing gaming finds: Sir Brian of Gamealot!

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