Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beneath The Tower Of Zenopus Radio Play Chapter 2

We continue with the second chapter to our original scripted radio drama Beneath The Ruined Tower Of Zenopus; a pulp fantasy about a group of adventurers exploring the labyrinth beneath a magicians ruined tower!

A bit shorter than last weeks episode but I'll make up for it next week with Chapter 3. If you missed Chapter 1, you can listen to it here.

Tune in to the theater of your mind with Tales of High Adventure!

Chapter 2: An Unexpected Alliance

Written and Produced by Paul Fini

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Performed by the Warlock's Home Brewed Role-players:

Corey Bishop…..Arvin Ardmore, priest of Mithra
Brain Dunkle…..Tibag Backstabber, rogue
Paul Fini…..Announcer, Father Halford, Sorcerer
Zachariah Hoffman…..Skwanky Furrytoe, halfling
Clay Lewis…..Gedleesmote Hammersend the Dwarf
Max Lieberman…..Vincent the Wizard
Mike Moran…..Wolf the Viking
Christy Cameron Smith…..Narrator, Harlot

Also featuring
Richard Gabriel…..Mithra pirest
Sara Gabriel
…..Jesse the bar wench, goblin
Brendan & Adam Gabriel…..Goblins
Michael Griffith.....Morak

This Pod-play is dedicated to John Eric Holmes

Listen Now (11 minutes)...

Tune in next week for Chapter 3: Dark Sorcery!

Chapter 1: Into the Dark


  1. That's okay, Max, he calls me Zachary. It's merely his was of reminding us who the DM is ;)

  2. From this day forth, you shall be known as Leberman and Zachary! Consider yourselves reborn!

  3. Awesome. This came together so well. I like where it ended. Brilliant stuff.

  4. Pretty sexy Halfling and thief! Dont mess with anyone named Teabag!

  5. Mess with the bag, you'll get the T, or something.