Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Warlock's 100th Post

And with that here we are. One Hundred Posts at the Warlock's Home Brew!

It's been a lot of words and I've really enjoyed throwing things out there into the inter-webs but have I really actually said anything? Have I contributed to this resurgence of classic fantasy role-playing game interest?

Well, I think so, I hope so. I think we all have.

All the comments, all the blogs, all the resources out there, which I would have slain a hundred dragons to have access to over 30 years ago when I was just a newbie gamer, have made this hobby an even better place.

Sure, some of these great blogs have come and gone and new ones have taken their place but isn't that just like the game we all love; ever changing, evolving, morphing and coming full circle like many of us have. All to meet back where we have started those many years ago, to tread on familiar paths and to blaze new trails.

And it's a wonderful place to be.

Yeah, I've slacked a bit here and there. My Fantasy Friday feature sort of fell by the wayside and I really enjoyed that too. But to present the type of artists and samples that I would have liked to would have taken too much time that I barely have now. And I've promised to come back to certain themes or topics that I brought up but never quite made it back to. Oh well, we'll have to see what the future holds. Like many of you I'm just letting this be what it is with hopes of contributing something back to this community.

So with one hundred posts under my belt I'll recap some of the highlights and the more popular posts.

Eleven campaign gaming sessions, seven regular dedicated players, one PC death, rules-lite fast-paced play and characters just having reached 2nd level. Really, that's what we're talking about here. Read the Campaign Tales.

We all have our own method and here is mine: Map making tutorials.

In Search Of The Unknown: The Illustrated Story of…

Why Play A Retro Clone

Can D&D Ever Be Played Wrong? - Answered!

The Cultural Stew That Birthed Dungeons & Dragons

My Dungeon Illustrations

Oh and I can't forget my players...

There's more but you'll have to explore on your own, it's in your nature after all, looking around that next corner, wondering whats around the next bend. Don't forget your lantern and your 10 foot pole.

So I hope you've all enjoyed something of what I've posted here at The Warlock's Home Brew. I appreciate everyone visiting and commenting if you felt moved to. Hope to see you all in my future posts!

Oh and a special thanks to Garry Gygax, David Arneson and John Eric Holmes, my wizards of Role-Playing Games!

And don't forget to visit The Warlock's Curiosities on your way out….


  1. Congratulations. Here's to 100 more.

  2. Way to go! 100 is a lot. Didja think you had a 100 things to say? I didn't when I started my blog. They just keep coming out it seems.