Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Session XI: Troubles in Caladan

Having returned to Brakken after defeating the Eater of the Dead, it was determined that the wounds Tibag and Gedleesmote sustained from the giant tic were infected with disease and it was not within Father Harris' abilities to cure. It was decided to leave for Caladan that very night. Gathering some cold weather gear they stopped by the gypsy's shack. She accepts their gift of a pearl neckless for the advice that she gave to them concerning the Tomb of the Iron God. She read their fortunes before they left.

The party safely traveled throughout the snowy night along the Coast Road back to the city of Caladan. They immediately headed towards the Temple of Mithra but upon arriving, they found that the temple is in quite a stir dealing with the refugees from Morganville. Apparently an ancient dragon, Medora had been awakened and battled with Sir Fumark and his band of warriors. Medora was slain but not before the town lay in ruin. Sir Fumark and his men then rode off leaving the the citizens of Morganville in dire need. Rumor has it that he seeks the now unguarded treasure hoard of Medora.

Talking with Father Halford, they learned that to cure the disease would cost 800 gp apiece (a fair price for one's life) and that the priest of Mithra will attend to them the next day. So what does any good band of adventurers facing death at all turns do? Carouse to all hours of the morning leaving Gedleesmote penniless and Slick Vinny with a Venereal Disease!

So the next day, spending all of Wolfheir's gold to cure the dwarf and half-elf (dwelf) they were still short on payment to the Temple of Mithra. Father Halford offered, in return for his skills, a task for the party to fulfill their debt to the church. They accepted and agreed to meet with the priest in two days.

After a day of resting the party looked in on Lord Osric who was all wrapped up in the affairs of state with Morganville. The party also learns that Sgt. Morak had escaped from the Merchant Guild's dungeons by means of an inside accomplice and a lost hidden passage that lead to an underground river and the sea. Our party offered to help track down Morak.

Slick Vinny questioned Sig, a guild guard. Sig shows them around the dungeon and Vinny and Adara looked for clues but find none. It's possible that Morak has taken up with the pirates once again.

The mage and ranger later met up with the rest of the party at Zenopus' Tower. Thinking that Morak may have returned to the ruins beneath the tower our party once again descended into the Underworld.

They made their way to a incredibly large chamber that they were too afraid to explore when they first delved beneath the ground. There they found six stone sarcophagi. Opening the first one released a cloud of noxious gas that knocked out Adara and Wolfheir. While the two adventurers lay slumbering, Gedlee and the rest of the party continued to open each of the coffins finding some treasure and an enchanted dagger that darted around sticking the party. In the final sarcophagus, after fighting off annoying rats, they found an enchanted battle axe which was given to Wolfheir in payment of spending all his gold to heal the party.

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