Friday, April 23, 2010

Dungeon Art

Here's an drawing I'm pretty proud of. It's for a module cover (yet to be released). Lost city, jungle ruins, a pulp favorite which I was trying to capture. I have a couple more of this series which I'll post soon.


  1. Makes me want to know what's behind those doors. Great stuff.

  2. > Here's an drawing I'm pretty proud of.

    Deservedly so. It perfectly captures the action and thrill of exploration/discovery.

  3. That's a really nice pic. What are your rates? ;)

  4. Thanks all. I'm glad that you like that one, it's one of my favorites right now.

    @Trey: Rates depend on the the size and subject matter. If you are interested in something you can email me at bliss_infinite at yahoo dot com.

  5. I really dig this one! Seems to have gotten you outta your funk!


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