Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Iron Rations

So we had our 10th campaign session the other day - recap coming shortly. It was a full house to be sure. Zach (who plays Skwanky Furrytoe) returned to the table as well as Max (Slick Vinny) who also had been out for a number of sessions. We welcomed a new player, Tim, to the fold as well. That's seven player characters all told. It makes for a pretty loud raucous session as you can imagine:

*The Elmer's Glue is there purely by accident.

Quote of the game from Slick Vinny: "Alright, I'm going to shotgun Teabag."


  1. Now that's a gaming table I can respect!

  2. I like the Mothership six pack holder with the various beers docked and one open bay. Glad to see at least two Oregon beers on the table too. :)

  3. The Most Interesting Man in the World(tm) would be happy with your choice of Dos Equis.

  4. That was funny. We ran out of beer so everyone brought some this time. I loved when Clay was pulling New Castle out of his Backpack lol!!