Friday, April 27, 2012

A Three Pack A Day

Celebrating the time when comics came in packs of three and you never knew what that third comic was going to be (unless you learned to be tricky)! These are a group of the actual three comics that came in the old plastic bag three packs.

Thor 238:  Not so memorable issue of Thor Fighting trolls along with Jane Foster and Ulik.  But what was really interesting was that Odin, who had lost his memory and dressed in overalls, was fighting a bunch of rednecks.  Now that is a scene to remember!
He thought his name was Orrin but he still spoke in the traditional Asguardian language.
Daredevil 124:  Don't remember much of this issue and I've lost it in the mists of time.  The Gil Kane cover and the Gene Colon art was there as well as the presence of the Black Widow.  I'll have to track this one down again. I think I traded it for some Spider-mans.

Hulk 190:  Russian tanks, Toad Men and the Hulk's love life in the form of Jarella what's not to like about that!  Herb Trimpe's art was in top form being inked by Marie Severin.  The Hulk never looked so good petting bear cubs.

UPDATE:  Wouldn't you know I forgot to add the tags or labels or whatever Google is calling these now.  Nothing like a non-intuitive interface that needs you to click more times than before to make your life easier.  Have I mentioned how much this new Blogger interface sucks?  Hulk smash indeed!


  1. Looks like a werebear is sneaking up behind Hulk.

  2. I remember the 3-packs too, cool.

    And yes, this new interface is jacking with me too. I'm still looking for the "better" as it seems to ma all they did was move the existing stuff around without adding anything.