Friday, April 20, 2012

ICONS Issue 3

Enter: The Destructoid!
The Vanguard 13 Roster:

Lord Genovasis - The father of Meta-humans
Automaton - The Mechanical Marvel
Nate Brown - Lowly janitor (AKA The Sponge)
The Scarlet Hood - The bane of organized crime and political corruption
Prophylactica - The woman wonder of rubber!
King Cobra

Last session the Vanguard 13 were lead on a wild goose chase by the notorious Mr. Roboto only to find that he has attacked Shore City with his giant Destructoid robot!

Hi-tailing it back to Shore City in their Gyro-copter, Vanguard 13 is caught in the destruction caused by the rampaging robot. Fired at by the robots canons and machine guns the pilot is mortally wounded. The Gyro-copter begins to go down and Prophylactica tries to slow the fall by stretching her arm out to grab a building but fails to stop the flying machine. Lord Genovasis then leaps out and growing to his 20 foot height slows the fall of the copter.

The Vanguard 13, now on the street and ready to face the advancing robot are attacked by the remotely controlled Automoton along with two other of Mr Roboto's killer robots. Vanguard 13 leaps into action! Prophylactica grabs downed light pole and swings it at the mechanical trio but misses. The Scarlet Hood, while invisible, attempts to subdue their robotic ally as the Sponge and King Cobra destroy the other two.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ninjas materialize out of thin air and attack the group with a focus on King Cobra. The twenty foot Genovasis tries to boot one of them for a field goal but instead falls flat on his back. One of the ninjas tries to slice up Genovasis with extended razor sharp claws but fail to cut through his armor. King Cobra and the Ninjas battle up on a fire escape. All the while Mr Roboto's menacing machine moves closer.

Sponge shoots one of the Ninjas and he goes down, unconscious while the rest are defeated and disappear with a puff of smoke. With two of the ninjas captured, The Sponge steals their teleport powers as Mr Roboto and his Destructoid begin to fire on the group once more. Sponge teleports to inside the robot's control cockpit and begins to battle Mr. Roboto hand to hand while the rest of rushes the fifty foot robot. Fearing that the Sponge will kill Roboto, the Scarlet Hood has Prophylactica slingshot him to the top of the robot so that he can 'save' Roboto for questioning. Finally, as the out of control robot flails around, almost smashing the agile King Cobra, the twenty foot Lord Genovasis pounds the robot in his weak spot (discovered from some blueprints picked up last issue) and the robot goes down.

The Hood questions a very angry Mr. Roboto about clues of the death of the DA (The Scarlet Hood's wife) and gets a mysterious address out of him.

As the terrorized citizens of Shore City begin to come out of hiding they praise the Vanguard 13 as heroes!

As the military begins to clean up the mess and cart the robot back to the Vanguard 13 hanger, General Fairway, who is in charge of Operation Vanguard, praises the group for a job well done and that their government funding is secure.

Vanguard 13 spends the rest of the session repairing Automaton and building a more appropriate base of operations.

Session thoughts:

This was our third Icons session, our second run by Corey. There was a lot of action in this one. The flow of the game, dice rolling and using determination, began to flow better than in the previous sessions. I think we're finally getting the hang of the game. I think there's still some more elements that we have to grab onto to really make the most out of this great little game but we'll get there. Each session has been more fun than the last and this one was a blast.

Looking forward to the next one!


  1. Do you have, perchance, the stats of your group in Icons format? I would love to see them.

    Nice reading here.

  2. Fabricio, yes, I do. I'll post them later this week.