Monday, April 16, 2012

A Three Pack A Day 4

Celebrating the time when comics came in packs of three and you never knew what that third comic was going to be (unless you learned to tricky)! These are three comics that actually came in the old three packs.
So from DC we have...

Justice League of America 124: Good stuff here as the JLA battles dead JSA members on Earth II. The interesting thing about comics in the early 70's was that there were a lot of reprints from the silver age and the golden age being released at the same time. As a young kid with no concept of a continuous comic universe, all these artists, styles and heroes were mish-mashed within the same era. In this example, they were all one Justice League to me. I always thought Capt. Midnight was awesome. The JSA members were always a bit of a mystery to me and was always intrigued with the lineup and the characters.

Superboy Staring the Legion of Super-heroes 213: Now this was one comic I never got into that much even as a young kid. Superboy in space with all these weird heroes never made sense to me. This was one that my brother held onto because of the Glactosaur eating the space-ship. This one didn't come out of the paper bag much (yes, our comics were piled in a paper bag).

Tor 4: Dinosaur and cave-man mayhem with Joe Kubert. Kubert wasn't at his finest with this series but for some people, like my younger brother, the dinosaurs spoke volumes. Tor had his little monkey sidekick no doubt added for comic relief.

Bonus Book:
Batman Family 2: Right during the height of watching the Batman television show reruns this showed up in my bag'o'comics. I believe most of these stories were reprints but the Batgirl stories were fun and there were a couple of them. I flipped through this one a lot especially the pin up the the golden age Bat-man Family including Bat-hound and Bat-mite.

A Three Pack A Day

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