Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Three Pack A Day 3

Celebrating the time when comics came in packs of three and you never knew what that third comic was going to be (unless you learned to tricky)!

Today from Marvel we have....

Marvel Tales 52: Everything from the dynamic cover by John Romita to the interior pages of a shirtless Spider-man (he's human after-all) to his hand to hand battle with the Kingpin, this reprint of Amazing Spider-man 69 burned Spidey into my young little brain. This was all part of the ancient Petrified Tablet storyline which I've never completely read even after all these years.

The Tomb of Dracula 23: Right during the era of Chicago's Friday evening Creature Features program this issue of TOD popped up in a three pack. Gene Colon's very dynamic realism was quite the contrast to the super-hero stuff I was use to but why did Drac have a mustache? Boggled my mind at the time but it was still creepy what with the mansion, lurking spirits and the count himself.

Captain America 176: This one will forever be a classic in my mind. A very quite issue as Cap/Steve Rogers debates if this man out of time should kill off CA. What's great about this issue is it recaps his origin, guest stars some of the Avengers and leaves you hanging with Cap deciding that yes, the star-spangled avenger my 'die' Being young and unable to buy comics that frequently I had no idea why he was making this decision (prior issues being about the Secret Empire within the US Government) or what happened afterwards (the birth of Nomad) but the issue stood on it's own. Again, this one left quite an impression on my for it's non-action story.

A Three Pack A Day

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