Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Three Pack A Day 2

Celebrating the time when comics came in packs of three and you never knew what that third comic was going to be (unless you learned to tricky)!

More from DC!

Superman 291: This came out during the era of those crazy Timex commercials so what better way to promote your watch then to have Superman take it through it's paces. Superman takes the watch through glaciers, volcanoes and it still keeps tickin'. So what does this have to do with superhero action you might ask? Well some down on his luck looser comes across the watch and because the watch was handled by Supes in all these extreme environments it grants him super powers to challenge even superman. Nothing like seeing a normal guy belt superman around the world, nicely drawn by Curt Swan, btw. For some reason, this simple story was fun mostly because of the brilliant art by Swan and the insane twists for having Clark and Supes appearing at the same time.

Claw 2: DC's foray into pulp fantasy to challenge Marvel's Conan. Drawn by Ernie Chau (Chan), who would later ink much of Buscema's Conan work, it's your typical swords and sandle yarn. The battle with that two-headed creature was pretty awesome as Claw makes it stab itself in it's eye. Wasn't much into this stuff at the time so it was mostly just put in the pile.

Tarzan 241: Adaption of Edgar Rice Burroughs "The Castaways". Drawn by Joe Kubert gives the story a nice, loose pulpy flair. The attempted human sacrifice at the end of the issue is pretty intense. That scene would make me come back to this comic over and over.

A Three Pack A Day

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