Friday, December 11, 2009

Fantasy Friday

No one captures the spirit of classic dungeon exploration better than Peter Mullen. Peter Mullen's stylized fantasy art has been a staple of the Old School Revival and his work has been featured on the covers of Fight On! Magazine, Knockspell Magazine, Swords & Wizardry Core Rules and White Box, as well as various other published material. From his paintings, pastels, and pen and ink work, his odd and eerie visions of heroes and monsters burst forth from the page to draw the viewer into the exciting yet deadly atmosphere of treasure filled tombs and outlandish horrors.

Alas, I blab too much when but a few pictures will do what words cannot.

Explore Peter's work now!


  1. Oodles of Old School goodness!

    I've bookmarked that and will be dipping into it for inspiration often.


  2. Agreed, B_I. Mullen has delightful control of volume and shape in his work (the frequently slight and spindly adventurers, the bulk of the monsters, etc.). His selection of color and placement of shadow are also wonderful. Fantastic, in the most literal sense.

  3. What it does for me, as an oldschooler, is to remind me of the time. I was a nipper in the 70's, but I remember the art on things like Christmas gift tags and some cards, Pete's art totally bring that magic back to me. The cover for S&W White Box is an image I can just stare at and smile.

  4. Hey BI,

    Just found this, thanks for the kind words! I really like your avatar image from WIZARDS!!!

    Peter Mullen