Friday, December 4, 2009

Fantasy Friday

This Friday I'm taking a step slightly outside of classic D&D.

I've been reading the rules for the original Gamma World and taking a look at Goblinoid Games' Mutant Future. There's a lot of interesting things there that I'll chat about in future posts. Anyway, theses images head in that Mutant Future, Gamma World direction featuring the infinite creative mind of Jack (The King) Kirby. And if you're looking for any mutant world inspiration, Kamandi is a great place to start!

You can probably find many of the back issues on the interwebz but DC comics has put together a nice Kamandi collection of Kirby's far-out stories.


  1. That cover gave me flashbacks of the cover of Doomsday +1 - obviously that wasn't a Kirby piece, and the content was probably not as high quality as Kamandi's, but I wonder if both artists weren't channeling the climax of Planet of the Apes. :P

  2. Ah, nice. I remember Doomsday+1 but I never saw the cover for the first issue. Thanks for posting that link. If I recall, Doomsday+1 was illustrated by John Byrne who was a huge Kirby fan. I would say if he did illustrate the D+1 cover it was an homage to Kirby/Kamandi.