Monday, March 7, 2011

Quality Time Painting Minis

Last weekend was a cold wet weekend here in Tucson (relatively speaking to those of you in the mid-west and the east) and probably the last nasty day until maybe next December or January. Lucky us, here in the southwest.

So my wife and I spent the afternoon painting minis. Yes, you read that right, my wife. She's been playing in our campaign for over 10 sessions now. Her character is a 3rd level hermaphrodite dwarf warrior with a uni-brow named Maudlin. She pretty much knocked the concept of old school character creation out of the park with that one. Remember, this is her first RPG - ever.

Over the holidays I picked up all my players minis of their characters from Reaper Miniatures (or in some cases dead characters) in the hopes that we may use minis more in play (yet to happen). Christy received a female dwarf warrior.

Shhhh, she'll kick my ass if she finds out I outed her with these pictures. See we're all a little geeky inside, aren't we?

She did a fantastic job painting her mini, don't you think?

While Christy worked on Maudlin, I painted a Half-orc warrior I picked up for Zach (a future character if his halfling Skwanky gets killed). He asked me to paint it for him so that's what I did.

Good times with the best of company! What a way to spend a rainy weekend with the wife, no?


  1. Hah hah! Maudlin! That's great! I was about to ask "how can you tell if a dwarf is a hermaphrodite?" when I saw that her dwarf mini has no beard and proudly displays his/her "dirty pillows." I always assumed all dwarfs had beards and for all I knew, Gimli was a lady... but what do I know?

  2. Very cool, and both are very well painted!

    Who made the half orc?

  3. The minis are from Reaper Miniatures. I really like their selection and molds.