Friday, March 11, 2011

More Minis

This week's theme at the Home Brew seems to be about minis, so here are a couple that I recently painted. The first one was given to me by my players to celebrate or first whole year of campaigning. It's from Otherworld Miniatures and needs no introduction...

I like to have a mini for the main 'villain(s)' in the campaign and if you've been following along, I introduce you to Zenopus!

Believe it or not, I've never painted a dragon mini so this is the first. It's an actual lead mini that I picked up at a yard sale (along with about 50 other minis for $5).

And here are some men at arms....


  1. Great looking lead! I especially love that one eyed goon on the right in the bottom picture. "Moooowah!"

  2. Nice paint jobs! I'm slowly working on my Demon Idol - I've had it for almost 2 years now. I'm going for the color scheme on the PHB.

    Where do you get the square bases?

  3. @limpey: Don't make fun of him. He's just one of the men at arms, according to the warlock.
    You should never mess with powerful spellcasters, not even as a npc. ;)

  4. @chicagowiz - I get the bases from Michaels (the craft store). They are wooded 1 1/4 inch squares painted black. Minis are glued down and then I add the texture stone (from any hobby shop). You can the squares in bulk here:

    All spellcasters should have a 'goon' in their employ!

  5. @ Chgowiz again - Oh, one more word about the Otherwold idol, it actually took me two tries to paint it. I too was going for the PHB look. It's a werid mini 'cause you really want to do a good job on it because of what it represents, so I was extra critical.

  6. @bliss - I've been creating my own bases with Sculpey, but I'll look for these. I like the circular bases, call me old school. ;) You can see some of them on the Feb mini roundup blog post from this week - the skellies are using them.

    The DBA-legal bases for my armies are $5 for 12 pieces... insane. I can cut my own or I'll see if these ones you linked to are 20mm x 60mm legal.

    I hear ya on wanting the perfect paintjob. Good thing it's resin so I can strip it easily. I've got the paint all picked out for it.