Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Lulu Gift For All You Faithful Warlocks

Take 20% off any Lulu book order from now until March 7th. What that means for you is you can pick up some great OSR treasure for a delicious discount! Just enter code GIANT305

And may the Warlock suggest a few items?

You can pick up the pdf version of Tales of High Adventure, our first pulp style magazine. Yes, I know pdf and pulp is really a contradiction in terms but we're not bound by convention, right? Sorry, the print version is being sold through ComiXpress so no discounts there as of yet. But if one comes up, I'll let you know.

Also check out the new issue of Knockspell #5 from Mythmere games as well as his compilation books.

And from the contributors of Fight On! magazine pick up "Role The Bones!" fantasy tales from contributors of the OSR.

There's also tons of great stuff that I'm sure you've been putting off picking up but now there's no excuse!