Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poll Results: Who's Your Barbarian?

The results are in!

It seems, almost without surprise, that Frank Frazetta's vision of the swords & fantasy barbarian is by far the most popular based on the Warlock's No-So-Scientific Poll.

It's not hard to wonder why as his paintings and drawings exemplify the explosive fury and savagery of this warrior archetype and has defined it for over 40 years. See for yourself.

You can't disagree with that!

The second most popular vision/version of the barbarian archetype goes to John Buscema and his iconic Conan the Barbarian illustrations. It's hard to dispute that when a whole generation grew up with his interpretations of the exploits of Howard's Hyborean-aged savage-warrior-king. Buscema does have a very dynamic classical quality with everything he does, whether it's superheroes, Tarzan or Conan.

Finally, coming in as the third favorite of everyone's concept of the barbarian, we surprising have Saturday morning's Thundarr the Barbarian. It's hard not to see why when you have the character concepts of Jack Kirby and an impulsive barbarian in a mutant future age. Savage, fearless and not taking shit from any mutant wizard Thundarr was a Barbarian through and through and the cartoon captured the world and character like a bullseye. There's no way a cartoon like this will ever make it onto the post-Nancy-Reagan era Saturday cartoon world.

After that we have a tie between Arnie's portrait of the warrior and the classic, historical image of those marauding hoards.

Sorry Groo!

Though there are many images that try to capture this savage warrior in all it's glory there was one that we all agreed upon that wasn't even close. You never want your barbarian to appear as this guy here:


  1. Neato. But I still like the two cartoons. :-)

  2. Well you didn't have Grignr on the list

  3. Wow, I can't believe I missed Thrud. He would have been a nice addition indeed!