Friday, December 10, 2010

The Road Goes Ever Ever On...

This coming Monday will be out last session of the year. With the hectic holiday season upon us, it's just to difficult to commit time to Role-Playing. We'll be picking back up our Swords & Wizardry campaign in early January. That's not to say we won't be squeezing in some gaming between now and then. There's a whole list of games that we all want to try!

With our bi-weekly games we will be hitting our 27th session. I thought I'd look back over the types of sessions that we've had. It's amazing how the characters, stories and events just sort of evolve on their own. Since we gather every two weeks, it's amazing how many weeks a dungeon crawl or quest might take. But with a rules light game, it's also amazing what can be accomplished and the types of sessions that one can have.

Session 1: City adventure (Caladan) and begin dungeon crawl (Zenopus Tower).
Session 2: Dungeon Crawl - City adventure - Dungeon Crawl
Session 3: Dungeon Crawl
Session 4: City Adventure - Dungeon Crawl
Session 5: Dungeon Crawl - 1st PC Death
Session 6: City Adventure - Wilderness
Session 7: Dungeon Crawl - Tomb of the Iron God
Session 8: Dungeon Crawl
Session 9: Dungeon Crawl
Session 10: City Adventure (Braken) - Dungeon Crawl
Session 11: Wilderness - City (Braken and Caladan)
Session 12: Dungeon Crawl (Zenopus Tower)
Session 13: City Adventure - Dungeon Crawl - 2nd PC death (resurrected)
Session 14: Dungeon Crawl (Zenopus Tower)
Session 15: Dungeon Crawl
Session 16: City Adventure (Caladan)
Session 17: Wilderness
Session 18: Wilderness - Dungeon Crawl (Quest for the Skull of Yam-Gregak)
Session 19: Dungeon Crawl
Session 20: Dungeon Crawl - 3rd PC Death) - Wilderness
Session 21: Wilderness
Session 22: City Adventure - Dungeon Crawl (Zenopus Tower)
Session 23: Dungeon Crawl
Session 24: Dungeon Crawl
Session 25: City Adventure
Session 26: Dungeon Crawl (Zenopus Tower)

As you can see we've had much more dungeon crawls than City or Wilderness adventures but still a good balance, I feel because; one, Dungeon Crawls are the staple of my favorite type of adventure and a core of classic gaming, and two, game time moves much slower in the Underworld than on the surface. The surface world adventures usually have a lot more going on and more ground being covered, so to speak.

Also notice via the map that the campaign has really only taken up a very, very small portion of a tiny slice of the entire campaign world map that I drew up. Which goes to show, depending on your campaign plans, that you really only need to focus on detailing a tiny portion of your world.

It's been a great 26 sessions. Well see what number 27 brings before our break and with the way our sessions go, anything can happen!


  1. Wishing you a happy last gaming session and many more good ones in the next year.

  2. Love the maps! Did you create these yourself? If so, what program did you use? Did you use a specific brush set for the forest and mountains? Most fantasy maps are very busy, but I really like the less-is-more approach you took with these.

    Sounds like you guys have had a lot of fun with your campaign. I like the balance of different types of adventures, and they seem pretty balanced to avoid burnout. Well done!

  3. @shane - For information about my maps you can view my Map Tutorial:

  4. That is just what I was looking for! I am sorry I missed this post when it was originally published. Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  5. This is a great post. I love the history of your campaign, and how that relates to the geography of your world. Very cool!

  6. I'll second Shane's comment. Those are some awesome maps.