Thursday, December 16, 2010

Prog 200!

Yesterday I hit my 200th post.

And with that I've just crawled over 100+ followers. A decent ration I suppose.

So to celebrate, I thought I'd review some of the highlights of the past 200 posts.

The most popular page just happens to be one of the crappiest dungeons and that would be the Castle Caldwell page with 1,170 pageviews. Now, I really don't think all these views are game related. I think most folks are looking for this: Castle Caldwell Won't they be surprised if they use my map while exploring the real Castle Caldwell ruins and run into some goblins and firebeatles!

The next highest page view is my Frank Frazetta memorial page. No mistake here that visitors are indeed seeking out one of the greatest fantasy artists of all time whom we have lost this past year.

After that we have my map making tutorials as the most frequently viewed pages. That is good. I'm glad people find it useful. I feel that I've contributed something back to the FRPG community.

After that we have just a various list of pages with our session recaps scoring quite high too. I'm glad you're enjoying our misadventures!

Some of my favorite posts while hosting this blog are:

5 Great Things To Come Out Of The OSR
One More Delve Back In Time
DM As Participant At The Table: Improvisation
New Race Atlantean

My thanks for all of you who enjoy reading my rambling posts about this extremely odd yet extremely entertaining tabletop game and a welcome to all you new followers too. I hope you find something useful, entertaining, or thoughtful about The Warlock's Home Brew.

Oh, don't forget to check out The Warlock's Curiosities for a bunch of free goodies!

Now for other 200th celebrations!


  1. Congrats on 200 posts and all the readers. So cool. And, a great deal of fun.

    Happy Gaming & Posting :-)

  2. That's funny, a google search for Castle Caldwell is exactly what brought me to your blog!