Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hack And Slash

Continuing our look back over our past year's worth of sessions we decided to collect a list of all the monsters hacked and slashed. And so, in no particular order....

1 Zombie Cat
9 Ghouls
5 large spiders
54 Giant Rats
1 Zombie
1 Evil Wizard
1 White Ape
6 Pirate
130 Crypt Crawlers (Crotch Goblins (yes, that's right, 130!))
2 Giant Centipedes
5 Skeletons
1 Iron Statue
1 Eater of the Dead
1 Giant Tic
1 Were-rat
5 skeleton
1 Monster Rat
1 Giant Spider
3 Cave Eels
1 Giant Crab
4 Mushroom-men
7 Giant Frogs
14 Members of the Black Hand
9 Beast-men
6 Orcs
1 Wooden Golem
6 Evil Clerics
2 Gargoyles
1 Hell Hound
2 Shadows
1 Evil Priest
1 Living Statue
6 Giant Ants
2 Jackals of Darkness
1 Giant Skeleton
1 Walking Slime
2 Gricks
4 Mummies
4 Wights


PC Deaths:
Arven - Priest of Mithra
Gedleesmote - Dwarven Axe-bearer
Adara - Stygian Strider
Slick Vinny died but was resurrected.

...and with that we hit 200 posts!


  1. Yep let the bodies hit the floor... Hack and Slash can be so much fun. I've kept journals for fighter and barbarian types that just had 'what i killed today' in them.

  2. What about the partridge in a pear tree?

  3. 200 posts. Woohoo. What's a shadow monster? Is it really a shadow? Ohh, I see walking slim. That's pretty good. Lots of fun monsters on this list. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Note to self, keep track of this for my online game. And congrats on 200 posts!

  5. I'll pour a little of my forty on the curb in their memory.

  6. You forgot Arven, Gedleesmote and Adara!