Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Cubes of a Gelatinous Nature

It seems that the new trend these days is creating your own Gelatinous Cube miniature. Seriously, just look around:

Society of Rope and Pole's Gelatinous Cube

The Cube from Dungeons and Digressions

And Carjacked Seraphim's Cube

So I'm a DIYer when it comes to my gaming material as some of you may know, so when I saw a way to make a cheap mini I jumped at it! A perfect project for a Sunday afternoon between watching some good ol' American Football action (Go Bears!).

So I went down that path using Michael Curtis' method with but a few minor changes.

I'll be using some basic acrylic art supplies (gesso and molding paste), paint, brushes and a wooden block. The wooden block was only $.99 a super bargain for any mini project! The rest of the material I already had around.

So I too started with a cubed block and chipped away the edges and corners with an Xacto knife then sanded those rough edges to soften the cube.

The next thing I did was break out the Acrylic Modeling Paste and using a pallet knife just started spreadin' that stuff all over the cube to give it an irregular shape. Michael used joint compound and you can get pretty much the same effect. I had this lying around so that's what I used. It's fun working with this material so have a blast!

Now our cube is starting to take form quite nicely.

After another quick coat of Gesso I begin painting it. Now I'm partial to the purple cube myself though many others like green. So I started with by base purple coat.

From there I just added layers of greens, yellows and blues and then finally a lite wash of purple again. Then some edging highlights with a dry-brushed metallic silver. Finally finished it up with a gloss varnish.

And behold! A hungry scavenging cube ready for it's next victims!

Here's a couple more Cube DIYers

Thiel a Vision

Kev's Lounge

And for those of you who prefer your cubes clear....

Fake Ice Cubes

I may try this method next:
Clear Cube Tutorial


  1. This leaves me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, great job on the gelatinous cube. It looks very cool. On the other hand, this means we might be facing a gelatinous cube sometime in the near future. I'm conflicted. :)

  2. @ my worried gamers - I would have to say that the Gelatinous Cube will be the least of your fears....

    ; )

  3. I picked up some of those clear ice cubes from your link. They will make perfect Gelatinous Cubes.

  4. Brilliant! I will do a cube next year and post it on my blog.

  5. I just became aware of this post thanks to the picture your posted with your September 1st, 2011 post. That's very cool and I'm glad my crazy idea caught on with you. Your cube looks great, man!

  6. Thanks Mike. It was a great idea and easy too. I should have made a bunch of them, I could've used them last session!