Friday, July 30, 2010

Dungeon Tiles

Having used some home-made dungeon tiles in my last session and finding them to be quite fun and useful, I've altered my custom set more for general use. The tiles are gridded with roomy 1 1/4" squares which translates to about 5 feet in game scale and can be use with most any fantasy game edition. A great free alternative to map out entire dungeon adventures or just close combat areas. There are 4 sets to download all around 3MB each.

Just print these pages out on a nice card-stock, get yourself a paper-cutter and start slicing.

These files are all greyscale to help save on printing costs.

I'll be putting out another set with some colored items such as pools and trapdoors and things like that at a later date.

Set One: 20X20 Rooms
Set Two: 30X30 Rooms
Set Three: Corridors
Set Four: Stairs & Rooms

A brief note on Dungeon Tiles

I first bought a set of dungeon tiles back around 1980 or '81. I liked the concept but for whatever reason they never quite worked for me. Maybe the scale was off or, most likely, I didn't get enough tile variations to be useful. To be honest, I would have rather spent my meager allowance on minis, modules or new games. So the Tiles were put away and lost for all time.

As we've played our current campaign, I've experimented, off and on, with using minis to find a good balance of keeping the game in everyones head yet keeping combat clean, quick and organized. I felt the tiles helped with that in our last session.

Now, I could have gone the route of the Hirst Products because they are pretty awesome (check out Jame M's table image) but again, it's additional time and money which both are in short supply right now. So it's the inexpensive route for me.

Alas, I ramble on…so if you like, download these dungeon tiles and have fun!

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