Friday, February 6, 2015

Campaign Stats

The other day I was reflecting a bit on our ongoing sandbox campaign (it has no grand name) and in that process looked at and gathered some of the various 'stats' of our few years rolling dice.

As a GM it's important to take notes and keep records of extended campaigns.  Not only for keeping track of treasures, events, shenanigans, plot threads, NPC interactions, who's alive and who's missing but also to be able to look back and see the goings on and how far off the rails everything ended up getting - and I mean that in a good way.  I've used a number of tools for this including the Warlock's patented Dungeon Time Tracker, I've kept a campaign recap journal on this blog here of all 70+ sessions as well as having created another blog, Arvin's Avengers, for general notes and session backgrounds so that the players and I can jump right into the action.  With long gaps between sessions at times, I would never be able to keep track of what's happening.  Call it "getting on in years" if you like but that's just a fact.  But I'm glad I've kept all these notes because I can reflect on everything that's gone on - the history of these foolhardy adventurers and one bleary-eyed GM.

Total number of players that have experienced this grand campaign:  9

Real World Time: 5 1/2 years

Game Time: Just around 3 years

Important NPC's "inadvertently" killed:  Almost all of them!

Cities, town and villages explored: 7

Dungeons explored: 12+

Monsters Overcome: 2,098

Riches uncovered:  Unmeasurable!

Highest PC level obtained:  7

Longest surviving PC: Wolfheir at 59 sessions but he's only trapped in the Soul Gem so who knows...?  Gnarly was in second with 58 sessions.

The shortest life of a PC: 1/2 session with the second shortest with Arvin at 5

Average number of sessions survived: 22

PC's killed or missing:  13

The horrible PC fates:
  1. Arvin Ardmore (first PC death at the hands of Morak - session 5)
  2. Gedlessssmote Hammersend (died by lava when Clay forgot to check his hit points - session 20)
  3. Adara (killed by wights in Zenopus' dungeons - session 27)
  4. Tibag Backstabber (Died in ice lava, came back and is now in hell - session 33 and again in 63)
  5. Maudlin (my wife's first character that I killed with a Gelatinous Cube - session 35)
  6. Radius Longshadow (racist who lasted one session, killed by same Gelatinous Cube - session 35)
  7. Slick Vinny (a Vampire? Zenopus' bride?  His fate is truly unknown but it's sure not to be good - session 35) 
  8. Wolfheir (stuck in the Soul Gem - session 59)
  9. Thovin Brightsmith (stuck in the Soul Gem - session 59)
  10. Arg (stuck in the Soul Gem - session 59)
  11. Gnarly Blunderbrush (stuck in hell - session 63)
  12. Maximus the Giant Slayer (stuck in hell - session 63)
  13. Edan the Atlantean (Poison spider bite - session 70) 
Some of the Major Magical Artifacts found:
  • The Crimson Skull of Yam-Gregak
  • The Soul Gem
  • The Earth Stone
  • Blackrazor (yes, THE Blackrazor - don't worry, it's not in the player's possession)
  • The Crown of the Black Sun
  • Mace of the Dark Church
  • and all manner of magic sword, dagger, potion scroll, amulet, ring, shield, arrow, staff and gauntlet

Some more notes from a previous post about the first 26 sessions.


  1. It's quite an accomplishment to have a campaign run so long. The stats alone are all suggestive of great fun, so no wonder you've succeeded in keeping it running so long.

  2. In spite of all my best efforts, I have yet to have a character die.

    1. LOL! That's something that we can work on together!



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