Monday, February 2, 2015

Session LXX: Delving Deeper

Current Player Characters:
Edan (Atlantean)
Minimus (Cleric)
Su (Cleric)
Thenus (Ranger)
Wang Du (Monk)
Centari (Elf) 

Hirelings and Henchmen
Larton Man-at-Arms
Biggs - Mercenary
Kray Rouis - Magic-user 
Puma - Mountain Lion
Gygash Graves - torchbearer
Turwick - Man-at-arms

Locking themselves into a room where they found the remains of a former explorer long dead and a more recent corpse of a mule (they really thought this was a good idea), they prepared to take a long rest. But moments later there was  a knock at the door.  Cautiously opening the door they saw one of the Molocks that they had befriended earlier.  The Morlock would not set foot into the room and tried to get the party to leave.  Taking the hint, they packed their belongings and followed the Morlock to the hidden Morlock lair.

The party spent their rest with the Underworld dwelling Morlocks who were munching on the rats that they had collected earlier.

Once rested they bid farewell to their Underworld companions and headed back to the surface to check on their camp finding it still in disarray but with no sign of the Chimera that had killed and eaten their horses.  Larton placed Gygash's body in the cart and looked forward to finally getting to use his sword-arm!

Delving again into the dungeons beneath Xlarthen's ruins they sought passage to the next level.  Retracing their steps they re-entered the room that was guarded by the Ogre and found that his body was removed and there were now two Hobgoblins along with another Ogre asking them questions in Hobgoblin (which nobody could speak).  Failing to communicate, weapons were drawn and monsters slain.

Opening the door to the now unguarded stairs the party descended down to a lower level.  Following a long passage they ended up in a large chamber with a few more giant weasels to contend with.

Exploring more passages and avoiding some purple slime they found a number of empty rooms.  When searching one of these rooms a Mountain Lion came through an opening and threatened the party.  Wang Du stepped up and conversed with the feline and befriended it.  It's name was Puma and use to be a pet of the Hobgoblins the next level below.  His patrol was killed and he's been wandering the empty halls ever since.  With a promise to bring lead Puma out and some standard rations, the Mountain Lion joined the party.

More exploration turned up a room with a magician's circle and mysterious buzzing was heard from within the hallway walls.  The party was hopeful that they had found the heirloom shield of Veshir Boomish but, alas, it was only a rusted relic.

Treasure was found in an urn and a slacking patrol of gambling Hobgoblins were slain with the help of Puma the Mountain Lion.

With an obsession to map the entire level, the party's explorations lead them to hallways filled with cobwebs and a sticky webbing.  Burning their way through they were attacked by fearsome giant spiders.  It was here that Edan the Atlantean fell to poison.

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