Friday, October 5, 2012

Session XLV: Where's That Damn Halfling When You Need Him?

After capturing a patrolling Hobgoblin, Arg had 'gently' persuaded some pertinent information from him about the whereabouts of the Goblin King (okay, so he began chopping off fingers). With the afternoon spring rain coming down in the thick forested Howling Hills and the path to the ruined monastery and the entrance to the Hobgoblin king's domain blocked by a camp of Hobgoblins there was nothing else to do but sharpen blades - for blood was about to be spilled!

 Gnarly swam across the lake to get close to the camp while Arg and Wolfheir, along with their prisoner followed the path to the open clearing.  However they found three Hobgoblin guards guarding the entrance to the camp grounds.

After trying to distract their attention and failing, Wolf pulled back his bow and shot an arrow with the intention of only wounding the guard.  Unfortunately, the arrow pierced the skull and killed the guard killing him instantly.  With the advantage on their side, Arg rushed the surprised hobgoblins skewering one with his spear.  The third hobgoblin tried a hasty retreat but was run down by the half-orc and slain.

After Arg had collected the fingers of his slain victims, the viking and half-orc preceded across the clearing to the camp.


Gnarly had got within range of the hobgoblin camp and called down lightning to destroy one of the shelters.  Surprised by the 'freak' occurrence, the hobgoblins ran around trying to put out the fire.

Gnarly sent a cloud of obscuring mist to hide the advancement of his companions while he sent another burst of lightning down from the sky. The hobgoblin captain disappeared in a mist of blood.

With that, the hobgoblins ran around in shock and disarray as Arg and Wolf burst out of the mist.

Slaying took place.

One lone hobgoblin stood with his sword to the throat of a formerly unseen prisoner and bargained for his freedom.  Suddenly he stopped moving, freezing in place as the prisoner slipped out from his captors grasp.  The hobgoblin had been enchanted by his prisoner!

The hobgoblin's prisoner introduced himself as Throckmorton, a priest of the chaotic god Khalk'Ru the Destroyer, who of course, joined the party.

Arg questioned that last hobgoblin but he was quite resistant so Arg sent the enchanted hobgoblin floating into the lake to helplessly drown.  Then he killed his original hobgoblin prisoner and stole his fingers.

After looting the camp, pouring the undrinkable hobgoblin swill upon the ground and piling up the dead bodies, Gnarly called down lighting once more and set the bodies ablaze.

They proceeded onto the opposite trail through the forest and at dusk they stood before some ancient ruins.

Before making camp in hidden in a pile of rubble, they are attacked by giant centipedes which poison their new companion.  The next morning Gnarly cures the chaotic cleric of his poisonous bite and Arg leads them into a larger structure.

After killing some rats and finding an old library filled with rotten books they stumble upon a glorious garden with a sparkling fountain.
(It is here that Skwanky (played by Zach) was sorely missed.  We all agree that the impetuous Skwanky would have jumped right into the fountain thus testing the magic water before anyone else.  Alas, this came down to Throckmorton)
 Drinking the enchanted water from the magical fountain, Throckmorton was affected quite negatively losing his strength, looks and a bit of all his godly attributes. 

However, Arg the half-orc, taking a sip from the clear water, turned into a hulking mass of muscle becoming even stronger than he already was. (Literally, he's a battle-hulk now with a strength of 20!)

To be Hulkinued next time!
Arg the half-orc, now with 20 Strength!
 Bonus Points:
The first reader to comment with what classic TSR module I'm using for this portion of the campaign will win a free copy of my adventure module "The Outpost On The Edge Of The Far Reaches".  Clue below...


  1. B5 The Horror on the Hill. It's quite the venerable module.

    1. Hey Dead Greyhawk, your smarts and interest has just won you a free adventure: The Outpost On The Edge Of The Far Reaches!
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