Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Screen Pass

I've been becoming quite annoyed using a DM screen for my S&W game. Though I've created a custom screen with the charts I need and a space to clip a map I haven't been using it much. In a rules-lite game such as we are playing (using ascending AC), I rarely have to look anything up on the charts and when I do, it's usually something that I don't have charted anyways and have to flip through the rules or my collection of random charts. Plus, a good full character sheet gives the players everything they need for play.

The other thing is that the screen separates the DM from the players to much. I like to be part of the table more which helps me, as DM, participate more in the game.

Plus with beer, snacks, dice, character sheets, and minis a screen just takes up too much room.

The last number of sessions I haven't had a screen set up. The maps and keys I just keep folded on my lap. But I would still like some quick access to some of my charts.

I made this little micro folded booklet with some of my current charts. It won't take up much room and it has just what I currently need. I'll be testing this out on Monday and see how it works. But however it works out, I'm taking a permanent pass on the screen.

Feel free to print this out (at 100%) and follow the instructions below for folding the booklet and give it a try. Oh, the Crit hit and miss charts were lifted from Gothridge Manor.

  1. Folded Booklet Fold A over to B.

  2. Folded Booklet Fold C down to D.

  3. Folded Booklet Fold E over to F.

  4. Folded Booklet Unfold twice (it will look like step 2). Cut on red line.

  5. Folded Booklet Open paper all the way. Fold G to H.

  6. Folded Booklet Push from ends so I meets J. Press down on folds to smooth out rough edges.

  7. Folded Booklet Now self-publish a collection of favorite jokes, illustrate a short story, or just doodle to your heart's content.