Friday, September 9, 2011

Mystery Men! Character Sheets

I've been playing in a Mystery Men! online campaign for the past couple of weeks now and it's been quite enjoyable. It's a great, easy to run/play system. I'm hoping to get a heroes game running this fall.

I thought I'd add to the MM! pool by coming up with some character sheets that have a more comic book feel. In the space for the character illustration I added come figure outlines so you can draw your own hero with a nice foundation. One of the things that I always loved in the original Champions game were the character sheet hero figures to fill in. I also added a character sheet with a blank space so you can completely draw your own or paste an illustration from an online hero generator.

Click on the image to download the pdf file.

Hero 1

Hero 2 Female

Hero 3

Hero 4

Blank Hero


  1. THANK YOU! When I start on my Trial of the Mystery Men! OSR Challenge adventures I wanted some character sheets just like this...and here they you have MIND READING POWERS?!!!!

    Anyway, I love the Tim Bruce templates!


  2. Glad you guys like 'em.
    I see that Eric's already put them to good use!

  3. And me too.

    @Eric: That's Bruce Timm. ahem. :)

  4. I did mean you Greg, sorry!
    Great characters on your blog!

  5. Bliss - I'm working on modifying a superhero ruleset (Jeff Moore's Hi/Lo Heroes) for a shared universe I publish and was wondering if you'd mind if I modified these sheets for use in that game? They look great!

    also, just discovered Mystery Men, looking forward to giving it a play...

  6. Jason, you're welcome to modify them for personal use but not for publication.