Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Warlocks' Last Night On Earth!

Well, not really, but this weekend we got some gaming in with the thanks to Brian bringing over Flying Frog Productions "Last Night On Earth".

LNOE is a zombie apocalypse board game that takes place in a small town. One player controls the zombies and up to four other players control the heroes. Now there's quite a list of heroes to choose from which fit perfectly in the small town environment; the sheriff, the sheriff's son (a track star), the high-school outcast, the priest, the farmer's daughter, the drifter, etc. A perfect cast for this cinematic zombie game.

The rules were pretty easy to pick up as you search building to find weapons or other aids while fighting off an unrelenting hoard of zombies. D6's resolve combat and drawn cards aid players and zombies alike.

Now these are slow moving zombies (the Romero kind) but it's not as easy as it sounds to fight them off, there's always a chance that you can run out of ammunition, loose your weapon or any other number of spine tingling events determined by dice rolls or drawn cards.

The game is fast paced and quite balanced for either side to gain the advantage (which shifts frequently during play) or win the objective. There are a number of scenarios to play out as well. The game has a B-movie quality to it which add to the fun

As opposed to WOTC's Castle Ravensloft which sported clunky rules, Last Night On Earth was quick to jump in and get playing.

A great game for friends or gamily who want to spend an hour or two chasing down or running from zombies!

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