Thursday, July 28, 2011

Make Mine Marvel

While your Warlock has been out of town this week exploring the wilderlands of Arizona, I was able to fit the Captain America: First Avenger movie into my journeys. There's plenty of reviews out there so I won't burden the interwebs with another. Needless to say, it was a great story-based action movie that laid the final stone for the Avengers movie next year (those who haven't seen Cap yet, be sure to sit through the credits for the infamous Marvel tail - it's a doosy).

The thing I've really enjoyed about these Marvel films is the excitement and build-up of the cross-overs and the cohesive Marvel film universe. It is very similar to their building of a cohesive universe back in the early days of the Silver Age when Spidey went looking for a job with the Fantastic Four (The Amazing Spider-man issue 1) or when the FF went on the hunt for the Hulk (Fantastic Four #12). That was back in late 1963 and was soon expanded upon to create a more realistic comic book story which Stan Lee said he always wanted to do and was an instant success!

The excitement those readers felt in a 'realistic' comic universe can be felt in the same excitement building towards the first Avengers movie.

The Marvel films have done a great job at bringing to the screen the very elements that made Marvel Comics an icon of American pop culture.

It's great to see them (Hollywood) doing it right.....for a change.

Make Mine Marvel!!

p.s. I know my posts have been a bit lite lately but you'll see why next week.....
more later!

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  1. They really are doing a good job of greating that "shared universe" feel which, on balance, I think is a good thing.