Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Captain America Week: Story Time

Captain America week: day 3 and it's story-time kiddies!

Enjoy Captain America and the Falcon in "A Phoenix Shall Rise"! (mp3 audio download)
I don't think this is how I pictured the Falcon's voice...

Read along with the comic too!

Next Issue: Bring On The Bad Guys!

Captain America Week:
Day 1: Eat it Hitler!
Day 2: Captain America Must Die!
Day 3: And A Phoenix Shall Rise
Day 4: Bring On The Bad Guys!
Day 5: Silver Screen Hero


  1. Very fun, especially when it's Cap and the Falcon!

  2. I had that record and comic. Hell, still might.I had a few others, my fave of which was the Man Thing one with the dead clown.

    With the CA movie coming out soon, I've been thinking a lot of my favorite old school Red Skull quote. Skull is working out in his gym when Hitler summons him. Skull shows up shirtless with a towel over his shoulder.

    Hitler: "You come to me smelling of a stables?"
    Red Skull: "Let fops and dandies bridle at the scent of a true man!"

    I can so hear Hugo Weaving dropping that line on Shicklegruber.

  3. @Bruno: LOL! Cracked me up this Friday morning!