Monday, May 23, 2011

A Word About The Failed Rapture And The Coming Of The New Age

As some of you may know, the Christian 'rapture' has come and gone with nothing more than a whimper (it did make Preacher Harold Camping quite rich though).

Okay, there seems to be some confusion on this rapture, Apocalypse, 2012 thing so here's the scoop in brief.

As the earth spins on it's axis it 'wobbles' through the cosmos. This is called the precession of the equinoxes and it represents the shifting of the position of the sun across the equator into a new constellation every 2,156 years (approx) with the complete cycle lasting around 25,868 years.

Each new 2,156 'precession' represents a new 'age'. Within that age the constellation represents the symbol of that god for that age; Age of Leo (lion, sphinx (with a lion head 10,000 = years ago), Age of Taurus (Bull headed god-symbol minotaur), Age of Aries (Ram god symbol around Moses' time), and the age of Pisces (current age and god-symbol of fish/fisherman Jesus). Note that Jesus (age of Pisces) was born opposite the sign of Virgo (the Virgin).

The transitions between the ages can be felt for 500-800 years. Thus we are currently in the dawn of the age of Aquarius (like that song form Hair - no really), the beginnings of a New Cosmic Age of the earth and thus of a new god-symbol. Remember the gods of the old become the devils of the new (sorry jesus followers but it's inevitable). Thus the 'christian' symbol of the 'devil' is a ram-horned head, cloven hoof variety (the symbol of Aries). The future image of the Catholic church and Christianity doesn't bode well I'm afraid.

The Mayan calendar ends on 12/21/2012, the winter solstice. Our sun is in the process of crossing the galactic equator and entering a new age of Aquarius - give or take 500-800 years of pre/post influence.

Sorry, no rapture as the bible is just a heavily edited compilation of god-myths adapted to the age of Pisces. But we are indeed entering a new cosmic age.

Where do our god-myths come from? Ask our ancient astronauts, my friends!


  1. Of course, we might have missed the rapture.

    Which would mean that we are now all blissfully unaware ghosts.


  2. Of course, the "end of the Mayan" calendar dating has come under a bit of scholarly fire.

    And even if you don't view the Bible strictly as an agglomeration of myths (and while it is to an extent, its got a lot of "new material" written for historical purposes, often now lost to us) the textual evidence for a rapture is pretty scant. It's a contraversial idea even within conservative Christianity.

  3. Screw the Rapture! Your new Blog Header is totally Wicked!!!

  4. Hey, can't wait for the new age to dawn! And speaking of a new age, I'm digging the new look!

  5. Yeah I read through both the Kirby and JRJr Eternals just to make sure I was safe!


  6. I agree with James on both points. Looks great, Bliss.