Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Page City Templates

Two of the most useful items to come out of the Online D&D community were the creations of the One Page Dungeon (created by Sham and ChicagoWiz) and the One Page Wilderness template. I use both of these items as my go-to creation format whenever I need to add something to my campaign. My players are still exploring my One Page Wilderness (hex scale = 2 miles!) over a year and a half later! And the 30 X 30 grid Dungeon format can last numerous sessions.

So I thought I'd add one final element to complete this trilogy of One Page Gaming Aids; The One Page City Template.

I've created and Open Office template as well as a Word template and a PDF version for those who like to put pencil straight to paper all packaged in a nice ZIP file.

Download the One Page City Template


  1. I agree nappy naps are a great thing. I'm about ready to stop cleaning and take one myself.

  2. This might come in very handy - thank you.

  3. Exactly what I need for an upcoming project, thanks BI.