Thursday, May 5, 2011

Full Length Conan Trailer

Does it look like a decent action movie? yes
Does it look like a decent fantasy movie? yes
Is it R. E. Howards Conan? No way to tell, we'll just have to see.

Either way it's much better than that crappy teaser trailer they put out.


  1. I think you've pretty much summed up my feelings, though I may be a little bit more pessimistic about the answer to question three/

  2. From the trailer it doesn't look like a Conan movie at all. It looks like an unoriginal, bog-standard fare, "evil overlord threatens the world with his armies of darkness, until a lone hero arises to save the world," plot.

    There's multiple problems with this. First of all, if they aren't going to be original, then they should've just adapted one of Howard's actual stories. Lord knows you could make an excellent film out of almost every one.

    Secondly, Conan is not and never was a HERO. He's a thief, a rogue, a reaver, and a slayer. He's an anti-hero at best.

    Thirdly, they actually use the term "Hyboria" in this trailer, as if that's what the world is called. *gak*.

    The only thing really good I saw here is that the girl pronounces his name right. But it seems clear that despite their lies, the producers and director had no intention of actually being faithful to Howard.

    I'm pretty much just hoping for a decent sword and sorcery movie at this point. It's clear that as a Conan film this will be an abortion.

  3. Many good points, Jason and I agree with you on all. I would love to see a Conan flick where he's just an anti-hero, though I felt the 82 version handled that okay. Does Hollywood feel the standard American movie audience can't handle a gritty pulp anti-hero where he doesn't save the world and just trudges on through life?

    And what IS with that heavy metal music. When are barbarians and swords going to be be divorced from the cliche headbanger image?

  4. Eh, I'll see it of course. But I've given up hope that Hollywood will ever "get it right" as far as gamers/fantasy readers are concerned. We need to take what we can get. I know that sounds jaded, but...