Friday, April 8, 2011

Poll: Who's Your Bond, James Bond

It's poll time again (keep it clean ya dirty grognards!)

While Ian Fleming's Bond novels (written between the early 1950's through the early 1960's) fit perfectly well within the gritty pulp genre the films take off in unexpected and sometimes absurd directions. Always with a dose of action, beautiful women (some much smarter than others) and intrigue, the Bond films are always anchored around the leading man played by more than eight actors spanning almost 50 years.

So today we come to one of the most controversial questions in pop history;
Who gave the best portrayal of Ian Fleming's iconic British secret agent James Bond, 007?

1. Barry Nelson
First appearance of James Bond US Television 1953 - clip

2. Sean Connery
Set the standard by which all other Bonds would be judged. -clip

3. George Lazenby
Ausie British Secret Agent

4. Roger Moore
Cigar smoking suave -Clip

5. Timothy Dalton
Was actually asked to play Bond in 1969 for OHMSS but HE felt he was too young. - Clip

6. Pierce ("I though Christmas came only once a year") Brosnan

8. Daniel Craig

10 David Niven
(blame YouTube/Google for the ad) Clip

11. Peter Sellers

12. Mike Meyers
(okay, so it's Austin Powers) - Clip

13. Secret Squirrel
Have fun it's Friday - Clip

As usual, you can vote Chicago style.


  1. Connery as Bond, but the Roger Moore movies were my favorites.

  2. Where is Woody Allen? Barry did not go over well..he was not a Brit..nor a decent accent

  3. Roger Moore was my favorite Bond. His movies were the most fun. :)

    Can't stand Daniel Craig's Bond -- not what I want from the films at all.

  4. Connery, with Moore a close second.

  5. I debated Woody Allen. He did play Dr. Noah/Jimmy Bond (head of SMERSH) James Bond's nephew. I thought I'd just go with Sellers and Niven. You're right though, Woody should probably be part of the stew.

  6. Connery, without a doubt, if the classic 60's spy is what you want. For the modern version though, I do like Craig better than Brosnan or Dalton.

  7. Cary Grant would have been the best in an alternate universe.

    Of course then there are bunnies