Friday, April 1, 2011

The Outpost Adventure Module Available at DriveThruRPG and RPG Now!

That's right! Get your pdf version of the The Outpost On The Edge of the Far Reaches fantasy adventure module available at both DriveThruRPG and RPG Now!

An ancient outpost, abandoned centuries ago by an empire in decline, sits atop a lonely hill overlooking a bleak wilderness. Why was it deserted and left unattended all those years? Surely treasures that once littered the courtyard must have been claimed long ago. But still… vague murmurings of a hidden cellar have been overheard as well as visions of long dead veterans still haunting the battlements. Surely, evening tales told in front of a fire to fighter gullible travelers. Perhaps there is something more there than meets the eye?

The elements in this adventure module have been left open enough to be adaptable with most old-school style fantasy role-playing game rules and worlds and should fit easily into any GM's sandbox with but a few alterations and modifications. Recommended for 6-8 adventurers levels 1-3

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