Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Game Aid: The City Guide Booklet

In my never ending quest to streamline what I need and what I do behind the DM screen I've been trying to consolidate all my house rules, charts, notes etc. into a nice little easy to manage package. Up until this point, by the end of a session I have sheets of paper strewn about the floor behind me and stacks behind my screen. It's been a mess and it's been really bugging me.

Running a Sandbox style campaign opens that door of disorderly chaos even further as I need close at hand a reference to most any direction the PCs decide to go, whether it's to the next town, a return to this dungeon or that, sneaking into the local thieves guild or a wilderness trek.

Though I've been frustrated in dealing with this mess of notes, charts, tables, dungeons, city maps an on and on I've been trying to put together digest sized gaming aids to help with this. Thus my Books of Wizardry and the Divine, Campaign Journal, House Rule booklets and now the new City Guide.

The new city guides are created to help with sandbox campaign note taking and planning of various towns and cities that the characters may explore. As I've mentioned before, my sandbox is just a very broad-stroke which I fill in as the players explore. Thus, notes were beginning to pile up all over the place and on all sorts of notebooks and scraps of paper. Cities were a special case as residents may come and go, items sold or traded from previous adventures would now be a part of this shops inventory. This booklet will help keep that organized.

It's a 16 page booklet with room for 20 building maps and descriptions, a page for the general city map and city notes such as government, trade, laws, etc and finally a numbered hex map of the general region around the city or settlement.

Free City Guide PDF Download

If you enjoy digest sized booklets for you games, check this out!


  1. Great idea - bravo!

  2. Fine work! This might be something useful for players as well. It would be cool to have this in a notepad format...

  3. Notepad? Do you mean a small 3 ring binder format?

  4. I'm about to kick off a campaign with the players based in a small city, fantastic timing. This will be very handy, thank you. :-)