Saturday, May 15, 2010

Odds And Sods

Just some odd bits and pieces that I'd thought I'd share.

Golden Age Comic Book Stories has been showcasing some incredibly fantastic Frazetta comic art and illustrations. A Must See for everyone!

In Conan news, here's some stills from the upcoming Conan movie courtisy of CROM! The ultimate Conan fan blog. I'm skeptical about this new movie but I'll withhold judgmental for now. Also take a peek at the new CROM! banner image designed by yours truly.


Your all time favorite robots in cutout: Botropolis

...And for your Saturday morning enjoyment.....


  1. I loved Thundarr when I was a kid, I miss those old cartoons with good stories, not the current ones with lousy stories.

  2. Nice job on the Conan blog header. I was going to do one but ran outta time!