Monday, January 4, 2010

Whet The Appetite With Deathstalker!

It looks like our campaign is going to be starting up again. I'm looking forward to it as well as my players. It's been a long break and to get us back into the right mood, tonight we have a special gathering. It's a gamers night out at our local movie-house here in Tucson called The Loft. Tonight's Mondo Monday feature just so happens to be Deathstalker! What better way to get the group back into the campaign!

(edit: BEWARE THE DEATHSTALKER! I was expecting bad (it's a Roger Corman film after all) but this movie turned out to be pretty awful. Not much in even the kitch/fun factor. It's just horrible. Unless you're a fan of Barbie Benton, avoid like a rust monster)

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